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Design of Injection Mould with Side Core-Pulling


Injection moulding is a widely used manufacturing process for creating plastic parts with intricate designs and complex shapes. One common application of injection moulding is the production of decorative covers, which are used in various industries, including automotive, electronics, and consumer goods. The injection moulds design is essential in achieving the required creativity and functionality. The idea of side core-pulling in the design of injection moulds for ornamental coverings will be discussed in this blog.

Understanding Side Core-pulling:

In injection moulding, side core-pulling is a technique used to add features or undercuts to a part that cannot be produced with a straightforward two-plate mould design. An aspect of the part called an undercut inhibits direct ejection from the mould.These undercuts can be produced by including side core-pulling devices in the mould design.

Design Considerations:

Part Design:
The part design should be carefully analyzed to identify the areas where undercuts are required. These undercuts could be in the form of grooves, embossing, logos, or any other decorative elements. The kind and quantity of side cores required will depend on the depth and complexity of the undercuts.

Side Core Selection:
The selection of side cores depends on the shape and size of the undercuts.  Side cores can be categorized into three main types: straight-side cores, angled-side cores, and collapsible cores.For straightforward undercut features, straight-side cores are employed, angled-side cores are used for more intricate undercuts, and collapsible cores are used for deep and intricate undercuts.

Mechanism Design:
The side core-pulling mechanism should be designed to ensure smooth and precise movement during the injection moulding process. A sliding mechanism, a locking mechanism, and an ejection system commonly make up the mechanism. To reduce friction and heat accumulation, proper lubrication and cooling channels should also be included.

Material Selection:
The choice of mould material is critical for the success of the side core-pulling design.  The material should have excellent dimensional stability, high wear resistance, and good machinability.

Benefits of Side Core-pulling Design:

Enhanced Design Flexibility:
Side core-pulling enables the construction of intricate and visually pleasing undercuts that improve the ornamental covers' visual appeal. For manufacturers, this freedom opens up a wide range of design options.

Reduced Assembly Effort:
With side core-pulling, multiple parts can be integrated into a single moulded piece, reducing the need for assembly processes. This streamlines production and boosts overall effectiveness.

Cost and Time Savings:
Side core-pulling saves production time and costs by doing away with the need for separate manufacturing and assembly stages. It enhances the overall profitability of the manufacturing process and streamlines the production cycle.


The design of an injection mould with side core-pulling for decorative covers is a complex task that requires careful consideration of various factors. Manufacturers can generate extensive designs and undercuts that improve the creative appeal and functionality of their products by utilizing this approach. As the demand for aesthetically pleasing and functional decorative covers continues to grow, the use of side core-pulling in injection moulding is likely to become even more prevalent. R.D. Mould & Industries is a leading Toys Mould Manufacturer & Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We provide creative design solutions, durable plastic injection mould, and high-quality toy moulds at an affordable price.